Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Nothing Lasts Forever

Some days suck. They just do. They can suck for no apparent reason, or they can suck for a plethora of reasons...or something in between.  Life is just like that.  Whether you are on the melanoma roller coaster, or struggle with anything (which we all do!), you know that there are days that feel harder than others.  

Today I had what I am now calling "an upside down rainbow day".  I set out to do errands and other stuff I do in a day, and when I got out of my car at  the pediatrician's office, I saw something I have never seen upside down fucking rainbow!  I whipped out my camera to capture this incredible beauty that Mother Nature (or whatever you believe in) was giving us in that moment!  Click, click, it!  

I was like a crazy kid in a candy store....or, because today is 10/31, I will say I was like an overzealous child ready to burst out the door to trick or treat.  I was smiling.  Smiling huge!  I think I might have even been giggling a little.  Giddy?  Yeah, that.  Wait...and the rainbow was smiling too!  See it?

I felt the need to share this awesomeness with LOTS of the people at the front desk of the pediatrician's office, the peeps working at Starbucks...It was just such an invigorating experience, I was bursting with "must share".

As I drove to my next stop, I thought about how seeing these unreal sights may not always happen....due to MY mind, my "set of eyes" in any given moment.  I received great news from my dermatologist a few days ago- BENIGN results...but for the week I was waiting to hear, I'm not sure I would have even seen this upside down rainbow.  

I love this reminder that everyday may not be good, but that something good may be found in each day.  I NEED this reminder it times of fear.  I need to remember that nothing lasts forever...and that that is a good thing.  

Here's to the days on this path we are all on....that we be reminded of the importance of always looking for the blessings in each day.  As the wise philosopher Heraclitus said, "The only thing constant is change."

So, what I tell myself, and thankfully, others tell me, is....cherish the good while it lasts and HOLD ON during the rough times...this too shall pass.


  1. Have bad moments, but have GREAT days!

    1. YES! So true! And for you, right now, I say...BE SAFE! I love you!

  2. I just read your story on your skin cancer journey and it was like reading a book on myself. We HAVE A LOT IN COMMON!Please read my fight on skin cancer. My doctor has told me many times over that I will fight them the rest of my life. I believe it! They keep showing up, never ending.
    Thank you for sharing your story! I will defiantly follow you.

    1. Thank you for reading! I will read your blog too! It really does feel "never ending"!!! We must keep sharing our stories...spreading the word.